• Ravshan Irmatov referees "Bukhara" - "Bunyodkor" match

  • Date: 04.05.2012
  • “Bunyodkor” will play next Uzbekistan championship game on the 8th of May in Bukhara city.

    “Swallows” are ton face with FC “Bukhara” in Uzbekistan Oliy liga Match Day 7 game.

    Uzbekistan PFL appointed Ravshan Irmatov as a match referee for this game. Full officials list is follow:

    Uzbekistan Oliy liga. Match Day 7.
    Tuesday May 8.
    Match referee: Равшан Эрматов Ravshan Irmatov (Tashkent)
    Referee assistant 1: Abduhamidullo Rasulov (Tashkent)
    Referee assistant 2: Jakhangir Saidov (Tashkent)
    Fourth official: Shukhrat Ruzikulov (Karshi)
    Match inspector: Igor Mustafin (Tashkent)

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