• UzPFL Cup is to start today

  • Date: 09.02.2012
  • Uzbekistan Professional Football League Cup is annual pre-season tournament founded to give playing practice for Uzbek football teams of different levels.

    14 teams are to take part in Uzbekistan PFL Cup 2012 edition. All participators were drawn to three qualification groups – A, B and C. A and B groups matches will be played in Tashkent and C group teams are to compete in Yangier town in Syrdarya region. “Bunyodkor-2”, who is to participate in Uzbekistan First Division tournament, and youth team “Bunyodkor-3” also will take a part in UzPFL Cup. And they both were drawn to “C” group and are to face in starting match today. One team from Kazakhstan also is to take a part in UzPFL Cup and it is FC “Oqbuloq” (it means “White spring” in English). 

    Qualification groups are follows (level is shown in brackets):

    Group А: «Qizilqum» Zarafshan (I), «Pakhtakor-2» Tashkent (II), «Lokomotiv» Tashkent (I), «Qorasaroy» Tashkent (III)
    Group В: FC «Almalik» (I), «Sogdiana» Djizak (II), «Pakhatkor-3» Tashkent (III), «Sergeli» Tashkent (III), «Lokomotiv-BFK» Tashkent (II)
    Group С: FC «Yangier» Syrdrya region (II), «Oqbuloq» (Kazakhstan), «Bunyodkor-2» Tashkent (II), FC «Zaamin» Zaamin town, Djizak region (II), «Bunyodkor-3» Tashkent (III)

    Group С fixtures is follow:

    Match Day 1 February 9
    «Bunyodkor-2» vs «Bunyodkor-3»
    FC «Zaamin» vs FC «Yangier»

    Match Day 2 February 10
    «Oqbuloq» vs «Bunyodkor-2»
    «Bunyodkor-3» vs FC «Yangier»

    Match Day 3 February 11
    FC «Yangier» vs «Oqbuloq»
    FC «Zaamin» vs «Bunyodkor-3»

    Match Day 4 February 13
     «Bunyodkor-2» vs FC «Yangier»
    «Oqbuloq» vs FC «Zaamin»

    Match Day 5 February 14
    FC «Zaamin» vs «Bunyodkor-2»
    «Bunyodkor-3» vs «Oqbuloq»

    Semifinals. February 15
    Winner A vs Runner-up B or C (will be defined by teams’ results such as taken points, head to head match and goals difference)
    Winner B vs Winner C

    FINAL. February 17.

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